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"Giving thanks this year! I've kept my weight down to a 101 lb loss. And I found some iPhone headphones in these jeans, which I wore back in July! They're sized 44, I'm now 38 in the waist. Can't thank ya'll enough. I've given your clinic number to as many who ask. God bless"

-Neil Miggins


Weight Loss Solutions has serviced the Houston community for over six years with medically supervised weight loss services and products. Our products are safe to use and help you reach your weight loss goals. 


Our 21- and 40-day program combines herbal tea and liquid drops to improve weight loss efforts

Body Contouring 

Body contouring is an FDA approved I-Lipo Laser that melts 1-2 inches every session


Lipo-dens is a weekly injectable that increases your body body fat metabolism



Need a metabolic or energy boost? Our vitamin B12 shots can help.


This supplement can stimulate your brain to decrease your appetite and help you lose weight


We can help you work through the barriers and change the habits that hinder your progress


Experiencing low-T with fatigue? Sluggish? Insomnia? BHRT can improve your symptoms


FDA approved permanent fat loss.

Ultrasound Cavitation

Burst fat cells and lose inches. 

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I have gone to Weight Loss Solutions for a couple of years and have always been very satisfied with their innovative programs with wellness and weight loss. Everyone on Doctor Bevilee's team is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend a visit to the office for a healthier life. When they say "Lose 20lbs in 20 days".............believe it!!

-Dee Sims

I have always had the best experiences coming to weight loss solutions. They tailored a weight loss plan just for my body. I've lost 40 lbs. in 2 months and I'm still losing! Nice friendly staff and great communication.

-Tenisha Walker

That place has changed my life. I have been trying over the last 2 years to gain control of my life and always fail. But thanks to Weight Loss Solutions I have loss a total of 29 pounds of in 3 weeks. I feel amazing.

-Keenan Anderson

I have had very good success with weight loss following the programs and advice from Bevilee. The staff has always been very respectful and helpful. Bevilee has other products as well, not just weight loss. I would encourage anyone wanting to improve their body to go to Weight Loss Solutions and speak with Bevilee and get professional help and encouragement.

-Philip Rocker

They have a really good plan here. If you follow their directions you can get significantly slimmer, it happened with me. 23 pounds in 14 days. I kid you not. They are friendly and care. Linda is the best there.

-Silky Granados

Weight Loss Solutions was the best choice I can make! Lost 26 inches in 20 days! It’s benefited my health in so many ways. I can’t thank Lisa and Dwayne enough!

-Kristine Mendoza

WLS Poster

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